Friday, July 16, 2010

Across the pond

3 Cities, 5 planes, 2 trains and 26 hours of traveling later, I have finally touched down on home soil. My whirlwind trip has regretfully come to an end and I am forced to throw myself back into reality. I am both ecstatic and grateful to report I have had my first taste of the overseas fashion life. From sales meetings in Manchester, and my first big fashion show, I now know the sweet flavor of what’s hopefully to become my future. Besides the 3 day vacation my luggage decided to take without me I would say this trip was a top notch experience. This Bench international conference brought together sales teams from all over the world. Together we previewed the upcoming Spring 11 collection, which in my opinion is this best yet. Hitting spot on trends for the fashion savvy, yet keeping its commercial marketability, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The fashion show was a whole other beast in itself, front row, 3D disco, and a surprise performance by DJ Calvin Harris, wooza! Ending my European leg with a few day stint in London, I literally shopped till I dropped ( not use to wearing flats all day I pulled something in my leg…) but pulled through and stocked up at my favorites Top Shop, River Island, and Primark. With a satisfied grin on my face, 7 new pairs of shoes, and a extremely over weight bag I hopped on a plane to LA. No work was done there but a lot of family and friends fun was had. I will always love this city and pretend it’s home. All in all this was a great adventure and I can’t wait to see what this crazy business throws my way next. Milan perhaps?


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