Monday, May 17, 2010

Big bets and even bigger hats!

Last summer the big buzz was around the Vancouver Hastings Racetrack. I never got the chance to go, so as soon as it opened again we were on it like beez’s to honey. I can never pass up an opportunity to put on my Sunday best, have some casual yet classy glasses of champagne, and bake away in the sun. What better occasion to start hopefully a long Sunday tradition than the celebration of my best friend Frankie’s birthday. With several of my closet friends, we spent the day placing small and very uneducated bets on horses by the names of Options Baby, Shiny Dice, Shewantsrevenge and my personal favorite Katie is eating. Though the names of the horses were quite entertaining, I highly suggest when you head to the track don’t base your picks merely on the names…

1 comment:

  1. Well dang.. That looks like fun:) I also like to dress in my Sunday best:)